Holycow 10th


  • 十週年禮盒設計 | 裝幀設計

喜逢Holycow design 邁入第10個年頭,在這個值得慶祝的日子裡,特別設計品牌手札禮盒,2019年與您一同分享我們一步步走來的喜悅。

「I am precious, honored and beloved.」、「I am a perseverance and perseverance.」筆記本標題理念為,每個人在世上都是閃爍的一顆星,連同其他顆星的陪伴下共聚、齊綻光芒,榮耀且珍貴。



Holycow design歷經10年來,我們依舊執著於每個創作的傳遞,感動於每個夢想的實現,相信從心出發的設計,在一次次盡心、激盪、碰撞、昇華之後,創意的能量得以加乘放大,讓生活更美,也讓人與人之間更好。


Let good things happen continuously

Heading into its 10th year, Holycow design has specially designed a gift box for this celebratory moment for you to share together with us this 2019, sharing every step of joy in this journey.

“I am precious, honored and beloved.”, “I am a perseverance and perseverance.” The concept of the title is that each person is a shining star in the world, accompanied by other stars, shinning together, full of light, glorious and precious.

The product design uses MATTER paper, rougher to the touch, creating a unique texture. Designed with two different paper specifications in the inner pages to denote how each notebook displays its own innovative style.

The cover uses five colors: pearl white, warm red, sage blue, elegant black, and pure beige. Each color is printed through heat stamping. The special fluorescent orange on the inside pages allows it to shine from the inside out. While you are using the notebook, we hope it brings you a new quality of life, inspiring a new sense of value and worth.

In the 10 years of Holycow design, our passion is still in designing with the purpose of conveying the brand message, touching people’s hearts, and realizing dreams. Each devoted attempt, failing and getting back up only magnifies our creative energy, so that we can make life more beautiful and build deeper relationship.
We are grateful to have you.
Let good things happen continuously

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