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厚禮牛設計,獲德國 IF、德國紅點、金點、日本Topawards Asia獎等各大設計獎項肯定,這些都鼓舞著我們繼續堅持設計服務的初衷。作品分佈美國、新加坡、日本、澳洲、冰島、港澳、南非等超過十個國家,感謝科技發達,讓我們與海外客戶溝通零距離。
I would like to express my sincerest thanks to you.


Holycow Logo portfolio Greatest:
Through years of hard work, appreciate you for enriching us.Holycow design, the beauty of the journey is like the arrival of a gift,We deeply anticipate bringing the best,to be realized in every project we undertake.
Day after day, year after year, we sincerely thank you for accompanying us on this dedicated journey,Program directors, renowned influencers, lawyers, doctors, accountants, entrepreneurs, and more,as well as over five hundred inspiring small and medium-sized enterprises,Because of your choices, we have forged unique connections,Because of your trust, we have achieved a brighter future together.
Holycow design has been recognized by renowned design awards such as Germany’s IF Design Award, Red Dot Award, Golden Pin Design Award, and Japan’s Topawards Asia Award.These accolades inspire us to continue keeping our faith in design services.
Our works are distributed across more than ten countries including the United States, Singapore, Japan, Australia, Iceland, Hong Kong, Macau, and South Africa,Thanks to advanced technology, we can communicate seamlessly with our overseas clients.We still remember our initial encounters, where we carefully listened and discovered your needs,Through back-and-forth transformations, we have collectively moved towards a future filled with boundless energy.Looking back at the beauty of the past, we strive to create an even brighter future,Once again, we express our gratitude for your companionship throughout the journey.Design is the warm transmission, design is the expression of love,And the opportunities for warmth and love are embodied in Holycow design.

We look forward to presenting the best in every future project for you.