• 品牌logo設計 | 包裝整體企劃設計



This is a cleaner foam in the form of mousse. The logo design uses solid Hei Ti font to bring out the brand’s sense of professionalism, while reducing strokes in the font to convey the brand’s core value of removing stains.

The color scheme uses red as its focus with achromatic color as auxiliary to balance out the red color, thus creating a cleaner look and visual balance.

The packaging design focuses on the concept of cleanliness, especially conveying the process of cleansing through its color design. The color design has an intentional gradient effect from dark to light colors, highlighting the strength of the detergent. Thus, to achieve the goal of thinking outside the box, the packaging design uses Chinese quotation marks to further strengthen the brand’s uniqueness.

The product instructions are labelled with icons and Arabic numbers to make the instructions visually simple and clean.