Reddot Award 2017


  • 布拉谷企業-部落米包裝設計-獲得德國紅點設計獎-社會責任類


The purpose of founding this brand is because of creating job opportunities for the aboriginals and offering safe, healthy and tasty crops without chemicals added. The brand solves society problems by business model which is exactly the same as the concept of social enterprise.Using the features of aborigines, weave, Gunther and mountain to the design.The text will be re-constructed using the weaving culture and colors to create a higher brand identity. And the triangular elements of the mountains combine with the Chinese letter for rice.It’s fully demonstrated the unique style of the Bunun tribe. The whole visual concepts uses natural colors which means the product is from pure, natural and no pesticides land. And warm colors indicates the friendliness of the indigenous Taiwanese .In addition, using watercolor illustration methods to sketch out the Bunun tribe’s most symbolic culture , Pasibutbut , which means prayer for the harvest.Moreover, the design includes the Bunun tribe’s drawn calendar, which records the four seasons of farming and the process of harvest. The design on the packaging represents the layer of clouds, which corresponds to the mountains and fields below the clouds bringing the visual focus onto Chishang village.