iCookie Combination Gift Box

  • 禮盒整體包裝企劃設計 | 品牌故事撰寫





“Nature, Care, and Uniqueness” are the three core principles of iCookie. For the sake of those who are connoisseurs of desserts, we choose the most natural ingredients so that with every bite, you taste the authentic flavors. Revitalizing the taste buds at the tip of the tongue, evoking beauty in every memory, and spreading taste of happiness in your mouth.

“iCookie Handmade Gift Box” does not follow the trends or use elaborate decorations. The core is based on a calm brown color. The interior is saturated with soft pink and blue shades, in combination with matching silk ribbons, disrupt the traditional. It is both elegant and stylish. The detailed golden geometric figures and letters along with the simplistic design and extraordinary texture convey iCookies innovative i食尚” (i Fashion) concept. Its a doub while giving visual and taste double feast, and it passes on well as gift givers unlimited wishes and blessings.

Pure and nature are the two important features of iCookie. iCookie wants to use the purist ingredients to stir up customers desire of tastes. Making a Baumkuchen needs to take lots of time, therefore it is also called “ the King of Cakes”. iCookie insists on searching for the best ingredients which includes Trehalose and premium flour from Japan, 70% black chocolate in Germany cultured butter in France and cream-cheese in Australia. Furthermore, iCookie also imports the dedicate device for Baumkuchen and hires Japanese master to teach the skills.Taking tree ring as the design elements and embossing the lines to enrich the design.

For the box is also choose color white to make it looks more elegant. Furthermore, there is an illustration inside the box showing its exquisite atmosphere. The bag inside is also designed as a tree ring making the whole package more unique.