Kaiser Coffee


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在巴西的亞馬遜叢林深處,瓜拿納長期被當地人當作提神飲料飲用,更有人稱其為巴西的國飲。Kaiser coffee蘊含瓜拿納成分,使精神重振,提升專注度,助您鎖定獵物,從不失手。瑪卡,秘魯能量之果。生長於安地斯山脈的極端惡劣環境中,能增進運動表現。穿梭在五光十色的都市裡,充滿危機與誘惑,你需要更充沛的能量補給。

A Coffee Brand Designed Exclusively for Men, In the modern jungle, challenges are ever-present, and a moment’s lapse can lead to missed opportunities. In the relentless jungle warfare, a cup of instant coffee is your best choice.
Deep within the Amazon rainforest in Brazil, Guarana has long been used by the locals as a refreshing beverage and is even referred to as Brazil’s national drink. Kaiser Coffee contains Guarana extract, rejuvenating your spirit, enhancing focus, and helping you stay on target without missing a beat.Maca, the Peruvian energy fruit, thrives in the extreme harsh conditions of the Andes Mountains, enhancing physical performance. Navigating the vibrant and tempting urban environment, full of risks and temptations, you need a more abundant energy supply.
Prepare a cup,Pour, stir, savor,Simple steps, bringing you delightful enjoyment,A sip of coffee, a whiff of aroma, a lingering taste,After savoring,Prepare yourself for the next challenge.In terms of design, a serif font is used as the base for the standard text, creating consistency with the brand name. The letters are interconnected to add a dynamic flow, showcasing the charm of men.
The logo design adopts a badge-like style, evoking a classic and brand-certified feel. It features a lion representing male prowess and dominance, coupled with a shield symbolizing resilience and invincibility. The overall design exudes a modern royal vibe, complementing the high-end quality of the brand.