TEi 40th

TEi Composites

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The 40th anniversary brand’s visual design utilizes carbon fiber texture and the black color representative of the product. A sophisticated font design is chosen for the letters 40th to represent elegance.
To change the way product descriptions have been displayed in the past, the catalogue design begins instead with the company’s brand concept, to company history, then research and innovation technology, and then to introduction on the composite material products, all coordinated with black, white and gold colors.

In the product descriptions, the focus is on how black is no longer the only color option for carbon fiber. Using various colors and a colorful text layout, the aim is to emphasize how “TEi Composites” has the unique patented feature of color dyeing the woven carbon fiber fabric, breaking through the technological barriers of color concerning carbon fiber. Join us as we journey into the next glorious 40 years.