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This sharing depicts the creative process behind our trademark. Designing a logo is a difficult challenge, and with each new client, we embark on a journey of front-end interviews, style focus, creative brainstorming, conceptual structuring, proposals, revisions, and more. All of this is aimed at crafting a brand symbol and concept that uniquely aligns with the client’s identity, simplifying complex information into a singular icon tailored to your distinctive trademark.

The brand image is the collective perception that arises from interactions between consumers and the brand. When facing with a new brand, we spend much time on understanding the standout features of the client’s product, its pricing strategy, sales channels, and customer demographics. We pinpoint the appropriate brand positioning and extend this to stylistic positioning, identifying the suitable visual language and elements, which later form the basis for visual planning. These touchpoints cement a lasting impression in consumers’ minds, shaping both an image and an associated brand attitude.

Visual brand design is a crucial component of building the brand image. Vision is our most sensitive sense, and it easily forges memories and impressions. Effective branding enhances brand affinity.

Our design objective is to create a visually memorable identification. Every brand possesses unique characteristics, and our task is to craft a design that exclusively captures the essence of the brand. The process of designing an identity is a meticulous journey. The first step involves multiple front-end interviews with the company, delving into their background story, entrepreneurial motivation, brand philosophy, etc. We further understand the owner’s preferences and desired stylistic direction. Subsequently, we synthesize this wealth of intricate information with our professional insights, converging on the brand’s suitable stylistic direction and presenting multiple cases for the client’s consideration. Once the brand positioning is established, the actual design process begins. Incorporating the brand concept, distinct features, relevant elements, font choices, and more, we iteratively adjust and refine until a complete and evocative logo emerges.

A strong visual brand identity subsequently impacts brand affinity. Witnessing clients’ success due to a compelling image fills us with excitement and pride in contributing to their journey. Our aspiration is to create unique beauty and warmth with you.